Weekly Recipe Challenge #1 – Success!

Yum! I’ve got some good news and some bad news.  The good news is Kay’s recipe was wonderful!  The bad news is, I can’t find my cable for my video camera. :(  I will find it and get the video posted, in the mean time enjoy the still shot of Kay’s great recipe.

Kay, Kay, Who’s this Kay person?   She was the lone and winning entry for this week’s challenge.   It’s a great recipe and while I didn’t have any butter (I’m new) it has a wonderful, creamy butteriness I’ve never had with halibut.  Kay added in milk and flour to the onions and mushrooms to create a yummy sauce that I managed not to botch up, in spite of nearly burning myself with the boiling hot olive oil.  You’ll have to wait for the video, I’m sorry.  I don’t scream, but come close to it.  :)

Kay runs a fabulous website with tons of cooking tips called kayotickitchen.com.  She also has some wonderful non food photography over at Kayotic.com.   Give her a moment and check them both out!

So look for the video to be posted soon and tune in Monday for another exciting recipe challenge!

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