Welcome to Help Peter Cook

Hello and welcome to Help Peter Cook!   The site will go truly live the week of February 16th, 2009 with the first cooking challenge presented to you, the viewing audience.  The idea is simple:  I’ll list at least 4 ingredients in my kitchen that I have available.  You will then be challenged to come up with a recipe that includes those four items plus up to two other ingredients.  You will have 24 hours to post your ideas.

You can then post your recipe in the comments of the initial challenge post or link back to your own site.  The recipe should be something scrumptious for a seven year old as well as me and there will be some restrictions and suggestions to follow (prefer gluten free, but not required, prefer less dairy and meat, but some is ok, etc…).  Normal spices and herbs are available for use and will not count against the two items you may select.

The following day the best recipe will be chosen and posted for all to see.  I’ll then rush off to the grocery store to procure the extra ingredients and then come home to record the cooking process on video, presented here on this site when complete.  This whole process will take but a day and is meant to be fun and semi-interactive.  I have a Twitter account located here and you’ll be able to follow along in the cooking process to make further suggestions, especially if I run into a snag, which is likely. :)

More details and rules will be available in further posts.  For now, sign up to this blog via RSS.

I look forward to many cooking adventures and welcome your suggestions!

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