Enter This Week’s Challenge For A Chance To Win $2000


I was contacted yesterday by the fine folks at The Mushroom Channel about this week’s recipe challenge, which includes Portobella Mushrooms.  If the recipe goes well they will be featuring it as next week’s Recipe Of The Week!

On top of that, they informed me on Twitter today of a contest from Taste Of Home with a chance to win $2000!  I will enter your mushroom recipe for you if you like and you keep all the cash.  After all, it’s your recipe.

If you’re ready for mushroom fame and fortune, here is this week’s challenge, but you better hurry, you have until 5PM PDT today (March 10th,2009) to enter!

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  • Hi Peter: Drag I found out too late. I would’ve loved to have taken a shot at the mushroom contest. Checked out your ground lamb video. Know what it’s like to light a fire in the oven. Did that in the microwave trying a bacon recipe (have since modified it with a safer method). Looking forward to hearing more through Twitter & your site.

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