Thank You! And A Small Change

Thank-you First off I want to once again thank all of those who have helped so far make Help Peter Cook.Com what I consider a success.  Does this site get thousand of hits each day and will soon be featured on Oprah?  Nope.  Has it won awards all across the globe for its culinary expertise and presentation?  Nada.  Have I received help in keeping myself cooking, putting together healthy meals for my daughter and guests and in general making myself more adept in the kitchen? Absolutely!!  And for that I send out a big THANK YOU! to all those who have helped.

From the latest suggestion by Kitchen Gadget Girl for some scrumptious salmon to the first big help I got from Kayotic Kitchen when she kindly pointed out, after suggesting a tantalizing recipe for the halibut I had on hand, that I really need to learn to cut onions better (and who’s food photography I totally adore!).   My Sister-In-Law Jess, Mike Rupp from Seattle Coffee Roast, my ex-coworker Gypsy,  my friends Jill, and Liz and Jesse who hosted me in San Francisco (and who’s awesome video will be out tomorrow, hopefully!).  I want to once again say THANK YOU for the help!  And also to my first grade teacher, who still takes the time each week to grade my efforts. :)

While I fine tune this site and let it morph as it will from my initial intent of making use of items in my kitchen to being…..I don’t know what, thanks for coming along on the ride! 

Oh!  And the small change.  I am going to start sending out the challenges on Tuesday with a deadline for submission by Thursday at 10am.  It seems to work best to give a two day limit especially with subscribers from all over the planet checking in.

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