Weekly Recipe Challenge #9 – It’s A Tough One And Organic!


This week’s challenge is a tough one! Things are a bit bare in the kitchen at the moment and while a shopping trip is on the horizon, I’m making due with what I have.  If you need help with how this challenge works, you can find it here.  It’s pretty simple, just take the four ingredients listed below and add in two of your own if you like.  Then post your recipe here or reference your own site.  I’ll then cook up, video tape it and share with the world my and my daughter’s thoughts.

This week’s ingredients are:

  • Ground Lamb from Thundering Hooves (raised on organic feed with no hormones)
  • Onion! (organic too)
  • Rice (yup, also organic)
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Baked Bean (which is organically organic)
  • Two ingredients of your own choice (or just one, or none!)

Now I can see this one coming a mile away, at least with the beans.  Yes, you can use ingredients in side dishes as this isn’t meant to be a one pot wonder meal. 

So show me what you would do to make a scrumptious meal fit for a 7 year old and her Dad!

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