Weekly Recipe Challenge #16 – Copper River Salmon

3064891214_142474f0be I know, I know, I’m a bit behind.  I still have 3 videos to edit and last week’s recipe to post.  The good news is it’s been a good kind of busy as in finding work here and there (mainly photography, but some writing as well).  The bad news is this blog has suffered.   But not the intent!!  I still need to cook and I still am fairly clueless about creating recipes!  Thank you to my loyal followers for hanging in there with me, I appreciate it!

This week’s challenge is going to be wide open, almost.  For those not in the Pacific Northwest you might not know of the fabled Copper River Salmon.  It is an especially scrumptious salmon from the chilly waters in Alaska that has a really nice fat content.  Most of this fat is in the form of oils that rival other ‘ordinary’ Alaskan salmon.  Personally, it’s my favorite fish.  It rarely needs much sprucing up as the flavor is that good.

But, I need something new.  I tend to throw the fish on an alder plank and throw it in the oven until the oils come through.  I’m looking for either a new way of cooking it that preserves the wonderful flavor or a good recipe to compliment the fish.  Your recipe and credit WILL be posted, I promise!!   I’ll be cooking the fish on Thursday night and will see if I can con Sabrina into helping me film (she loves salmon as well).  The fillet I have is about 2 lbs and just begging for your magical creation!!

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