Help Peter Cook Is Heading To Africa!

Copyright exfordy

Copyright exfordy

Just a few updates:

WOW!!  It’s been nearly a year since I got this site started! Thank you if you’re reading this post!

First, no, this site is not dead.  I know it APPEARS dead because there has been no new content since, uhhh….last summer.  The original intent of the site was to get me in the kitchen and cooking well for me and my daughter.  And to that extent, the site has been a success.  I’ve also had a lot of fun with it, but it is indeed a bit of work to produce the videos as timely as I’d like.  I bought new equipment this summer that helped and filmed two shows on site in Oregon and Utah.  I WILL get those edited because they were a lot of fun with some simple, tasty recipes (and it’ll be summer again before we know it!).  I think my kitchen time is very cyclical as I’ve been at it again recently, trying two new recipes just this week that came out great; Chicken Fricassee and Chicken Paprikash.  My daughter liked them both and so did guests, so I’m doing something right. Now to video tape them!

Second, we’d taking the show to Africa!  Well, maybe not the whole show.  I don’t have any distinct plans to do some in home cooking but I’d like to.  My daughter and I and a friend will be heading to Africa for a month and stopping in Spain (the OTHER Africa) Morocco, Kenya and Tanzania.  We’ll be visiting the souks of Morocco with all their tasty variety as well as taking a classic week long camping safari through the Serengeti and other highlights.  It should be a real fun time.  While I don’t plan on doing a lot of cooking, I do plan on capturing some of the food offerings in these countries and report back here.  I’m not a super foodie like some of my friends, but I love learning about different things, so I’ll naturally be curious about what’s going in my belly.

If you want to find out more about the Africa trip and how you can gain some amazing artwork, check out the People, Places and Patterns Project (

Thanks for continuing to view this site and I hope to kick some life back into it soon!!

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