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PeterHello!  I’m Peter Carey, the guy who started this website.  The idea is simple and yet for me, profound.  I could use some help cooking and while I’m not completely inept, I discovered one day that the internet and friends can really make it more fun.  It started with a simple question posted on Twitter and Facebook, “Can I substitute papaya for pineapple?”  I was following a recipe for mahi mahi and was short of the right ingredients.

A few friends answered, “Yes!” and I continued the conversation with the laptop in the kitchen as I realized I was missing some other items.  It turned into an semi-interactive session that made cooking a lot more fun for me.

And now here is Help Peter Cook, the website.  I will post a challenge every week with a list of ingredients found in my kitchen.  You’ll then have one day to come up with a recipe of your own concoction which may include up to two of your own ingredients.  I’ll then pick the best recipe, highlighting your genius, and then post a video of the cooking process to help and entertain those wishing to try the same at home.

This site is meant to be a fun adventure into the world of cooking in a real life setting.  It’ll also be a storehouse of many yummy recipes fit for any family.

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