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Help Peter Cook Is Heading To Africa!

Just a few updates: WOW!!  It’s been nearly a year since I got this site started! Thank you if you’re reading this post! First, no, this site is not dead.  I know it APPEARS dead because there has been no new content since, uhhh….last summer.  The original intent of the site was to get me […]


Hello!  It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, I know.  I haven’t given up though!!  I’m just adjusting to life a little bit.  I’m still filming episodes of Help Peter but as I’ve been traveling a lot this summer, I’ve had to go with the flow.  The good news is there will be a […]

No Challenge This Week

You might say it’s ketchup week, or catch up week.  I’ve got three videos to edit and 2 recipes to post!  I’m a bit behind and this Thursday Sabrina and I will be heading towards Mexico!   So be looking for next week’s challenge to come from a land of sunshine and sparkling seas.

Weekly Recipe Challenge #16 – Copper River Salmon

I know, I know, I’m a bit behind.  I still have 3 videos to edit and last week’s recipe to post.  The good news is it’s been a good kind of busy as in finding work here and there (mainly photography, but some writing as well).  The bad news is this blog has suffered.   But […]

Weekly Recipe Challenge #15 – Chicken!

It’s time for this week’s recipe challenge!  The cupboard is a bit bare this week so this week’s challenge may be a bit more difficult.  While I have a family recipe for the cream of mushroom and chicken, appropriately name "Chicken and Saucy Stuff", I’m wondering what else is out there in the realm of […]

Week #14’s Challenge – On The Road, Again!

Week #14’s challenge will be shot on the road, this time in beautiful Utah!  I’ll be arriving in American Fork Thursday and once again staying with friends, invading their kitchen and taking over the stove in order to render a lovely meal for all five of us.  My friend Tambee will be selecting the ingredients […]

Week #13’s Recipe

I have to admit to skipping a week. :(  I know, but it happens!  I ended up cooking the hailbut wiht a bit of Old Bay seasoning and a light salt rub just to get something on the table before the hungry monsters showed up.  Not enough time to get it on tape.  But just […]

Week #13’s Recipe Challenge…..It May Look Familiar

I admit it.  I didn’t do much cooking last week.  And I surely didn’t come up with a recipe for the halibut that I listed.  It was just one of those super busy weeks so I’m letting that be that. And I’m recycling!!  This week’s challenge may look a little familiar.  The ingredients are: Halibut […]

Klean Kanteen Wine Karafe

I know, I know, this isn’t exactly about helping me cook.  But wine is often a part of my meals and as such, it’s relevant.  Sorta. I first saw this product listed on Go Green Travel Green’s excellent write-up about Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles.  Before you read any further, check out their review […]