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Help Peter Cook Is Heading To Africa!

Just a few updates: WOW!!  It’s been nearly a year since I got this site started! Thank you if you’re reading this post! First, no, this site is not dead.  I know it APPEARS dead because there has been no new content since, uhhh….last summer.  The original intent of the site was to get me […]


Hello!  It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, I know.  I haven’t given up though!!  I’m just adjusting to life a little bit.  I’m still filming episodes of Help Peter but as I’ve been traveling a lot this summer, I’ve had to go with the flow.  The good news is there will be a […]

Thank You! And A Small Change

First off I want to once again thank all of those who have helped so far make Help Peter Cook.Com what I consider a success.  Does this site get thousand of hits each day and will soon be featured on Oprah?  Nope.  Has it won awards all across the globe for its culinary expertise and […]

Help Peter Cook.Com Goes On The Road!

This week I’ll be on the road, heading to San Francisco so I’m changing up this week’s challenge a bit.  I’ll be staying with friends and have asked them to pick the four ingredients and, since I’ll be cooking for them, to also pick the recipe.  The time frame got kinda crunched with time on […]

Are You Looking For Help In The Kitchen?

Now I realize there are probably two different kinds of readers to my blog; those who have mad kitchen skills looking to help little old me out, and those who are in the same boat, that is, looking for help. If you’re the latter and looking for help, I’d like to suggest Bruce Tretter’s excellent […]

Weekly Challenge Moves To Wednesday

As mentioned in the last video the weekly challenge is moving to Wednesday!  This will help on the weeks I have produce delivered and with scheduling.  Hope that doesn’t mess people up too much.  If desired, and if you let me know, I can easily post the items on Monday and then close the contest […]

Deadline for this week’s challenge extended!

Due to some scheduling changes and a request to bump things back, the deadline for this week’s challenge is moved back to 5pm, Pacific Time! Also, I will be making a new page soon with other ingredients that are free to be used, much like the Spices and Herbs page.  It’s only fair to mention […]

Weekly Recipe Challenge #1 – Success!

I’ve got some good news and some bad news.  The good news is Kay’s recipe was wonderful!  The bad news is, I can’t find my cable for my video camera. :(  I will find it and get the video posted, in the mean time enjoy the still shot of Kay’s great recipe. Kay, Kay, Who’s […]

Thanks For The Input, Challenge #1 Hint

First off, thank you to all who responded to the first two calls for suggestions (The Kitchen and Spices&Herbs)!  The comments, Twitter answers and email responses have me pretty well set for Monday’s first challenge.  And the number of people who have subscribed to this blog has been impressive this first week!  If you have […]