How It Works

Every week, around 10am Pacific Time (UTC-8) on Tuesday morning, a new challenge will be posted.   The challenge will include four (4) ingredients found in my kitchen to be used in the recipe.  All four of those ingredients need to be used and you may suggest up to two of your own to be added.

You will then have until 10am Pacific Time (UTC-8) on Thursday morning to post a recipe to be considered.  The recipe should include all instructions and ingredients, including needed spices and herbs.  I have a variety of spices and herbs available that will not count against the two ingredients you may add and the list can be found here and items in the kitchen for use can be found here.  This lists grow and change, so be sure to check each time you suggest a recipe.

At 10am on Tuesday the winning entry will be selected by me, Peter.  I’ll then gather the needed items and video tape the cooking process, following the given recipe to the letter, mostly.  Afterwards will come the moment of truth as I and my daughter try out the new meal.

To enter your recipe, simply leave a comment after the post describing a given week’s challenge.  Either post your entire recipe in the comments or feel free to link back to your own site with the recipe.

This site was created to make cooking fun and to learn something new along the way, while keeping it practical to what I have on hand and using only the modest skills I currently employ.

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