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Weekly Challenge #11 – Free For All!!

That’s right!  This week is a free for all at Help Peter Cook.Com!  What that means for you is limits!  Wait, no, what I mean is, you’re free, buuuuutttt within certain bounds.  This all stems from the fact that I really need to do some grocery shopping and don’t have a likely four ingredients to […]

Recipe Challenge #7 – March Of The Chickens

Even before the video for week #6 comes out, it’s time for the next weekly recipe challenge!  A recent trip to the grocery store brought home some more simple ingredients so this should be an easy one.  If there is more than one recipe offered up, I’ll pick one at random.  Unless I’m bribed with […]

Help Peter Cook.Com Goes On The Road!

This week I’ll be on the road, heading to San Francisco so I’m changing up this week’s challenge a bit.  I’ll be staying with friends and have asked them to pick the four ingredients and, since I’ll be cooking for them, to also pick the recipe.  The time frame got kinda crunched with time on […]

Weekly Cooking Challenge #5!

I know I said I’d announce the ingredients on Wednesday but I just went shopping and am sooooo excited.  Yes, I’m actually excited about food.  Especially after my daughter commented that I have a lot of processed food in the house (ignoring the fact that I showed her how to chop mushrooms last night when […]

And The Ingredients For This Week Are…

Hello!   This week’s cooking challenge is all vegetarian!  While I am not normally a vegetarian, it never seems to hurt to slack off chicken and fish for a bit.  Plus it’s often more challenging.  So this week, along with the normal rules, I’m throwing in the challenge of keeping the recipe vegetarian.  This means no […]

This Week’s Recipe Challenge!

Hello and welcome to the second weekly challenge at Help Peter Cook.com.  If you need a refresher in how this ball of fun works, check out How This Works in the menu above.  Also, I’ve updated the Spices & Herbs list to include what I bought this week (I also now have butter!  Wahoo!) This […]

Thanks For The Input, Challenge #1 Hint

First off, thank you to all who responded to the first two calls for suggestions (The Kitchen and Spices&Herbs)!  The comments, Twitter answers and email responses have me pretty well set for Monday’s first challenge.  And the number of people who have subscribed to this blog has been impressive this first week!  If you have […]