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Help Peter Cook Is Heading To Africa!

Just a few updates: WOW!!  It’s been nearly a year since I got this site started! Thank you if you’re reading this post! First, no, this site is not dead.  I know it APPEARS dead because there has been no new content since, uhhh….last summer.  The original intent of the site was to get me […]

Weekly Challenge #3

Building on the great success of the first two weeks challenges, it’s time for week #3’s challenge.  The fridge isn’t offering up a lot of different ingredients at the moment so I’m calling an audiable and going to the pantry.  Not that I have any hard, fast rule about only using produce, but I prefer […]

Welcome to Help Peter Cook

Hello and welcome to Help Peter Cook!   The site will go truly live the week of February 16th, 2009 with the first cooking challenge presented to you, the viewing audience.  The idea is simple:  I’ll list at least 4 ingredients in my kitchen that I have available.  You will then be challenged to come up […]