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And The Salmon Surprise Recipe Is….

A quick recap.  Week #8’s challenge was to take the following ingredients and make a yummy recipe. Line and Hook Caught Wild Alaskan Salmon Ginger Root Brussels Sprouts Red Potatoes The winning recipe was sent in from Kitchen Gadget Girl.  I’m still amazed at not only the support I’ve received for my crazy, wacky idea […]

Week #7’s Recipe!

This week there is no winning recipe. Insert frowny face here.  But that’s ok, I whipped something up anyhow!  I didn’t have enough time to film and cook as I had a hungry 7 year old and she took precedent over the filming this week.  I’m still getting down this whole process and appreciate those […]

Recipe Challenge #7 – March Of The Chickens

Even before the video for week #6 comes out, it’s time for the next weekly recipe challenge!  A recent trip to the grocery store brought home some more simple ingredients so this should be an easy one.  If there is more than one recipe offered up, I’ll pick one at random.  Unless I’m bribed with […]

Back From San Francisco, Here’s Week #6’s Recipe

  It was a good trip down to California for the filming of week #6’s recipe challenge.  My friends Liz and Jesse were gracious hosts and even helped with the filming! Jesse manning the camera while directing and Liz as my stylish co-host for episode #6.  The video will be ready in a day or […]

Weekly Cooking Challenge #5!

I know I said I’d announce the ingredients on Wednesday but I just went shopping and am sooooo excited.  Yes, I’m actually excited about food.  Especially after my daughter commented that I have a lot of processed food in the house (ignoring the fact that I showed her how to chop mushrooms last night when […]

This Week’s Winning Vegetarian, Organic Recipe!

 This week’s challenge was to take: Portobello Mushrooms Red Potatoes White Onions Italian Squash And make something quite yummy, while keeping it entirely vegetarian (and organic!).  Gypsy Walukones submitted this week’s winning recipe for Oven Roasted Portobellas with Potatoes, Onions and Squash.  Not only that, thanks to the fine folks at The Mushroom Channel this […]

And The Ingredients For This Week Are…

Hello!   This week’s cooking challenge is all vegetarian!  While I am not normally a vegetarian, it never seems to hurt to slack off chicken and fish for a bit.  Plus it’s often more challenging.  So this week, along with the normal rules, I’m throwing in the challenge of keeping the recipe vegetarian.  This means no […]