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Weekly Recipe Challenge #16 – Copper River Salmon

I know, I know, I’m a bit behind.  I still have 3 videos to edit and last week’s recipe to post.  The good news is it’s been a good kind of busy as in finding work here and there (mainly photography, but some writing as well).  The bad news is this blog has suffered.   But […]

Week #10 Recipe Challenge

This week’s challenge should be fairly easy, I hope.  I rooted around in the freezer and found some fish, so fish it is! Take the following ingredients and post a yummy dish of your own making: Wild Salmon filets Pear Brown Rice Penne Pasta Asparagus Up to two ingredients of your choice! If you haven’t […]

And The Salmon Surprise Recipe Is….

A quick recap.  Week #8’s challenge was to take the following ingredients and make a yummy recipe. Line and Hook Caught Wild Alaskan Salmon Ginger Root Brussels Sprouts Red Potatoes The winning recipe was sent in from Kitchen Gadget Girl.  I’m still amazed at not only the support I’ve received for my crazy, wacky idea […]